Devil May Cry 4 Trial Edition

This action game has you controlling Nero as he tries to stop series protagonist Dante

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Devil May Cry 4 is a third-person, hack and slash game with an emphasis on pulling off stylistic combination attacks. This game made by the Japanese game development company Capcom. The player assumes the role of two different characters across the long and varied single player campaign. The game is split into several different stages that the game refers to as missions.

Fans of the other Devil May Cry games should feel at home here. The protagonist at the start of this game is different from the main character in the other Devil May Cry games. The player starts the game as demon hunter named Nero. The player assumes the role of Dante during the second half of the game. Both characters control very differently. Nero and Dante both use sword attacks. The two characters differ in how their special attacks are implemented. Nero's fist attack is powerful, but it's limited in terms of customization. Dante can swap between several different attack styles that enhance his abilities.

The combat in Devil May Cry 4 is frenetic. Players new to the series may have difficulty keeping up with the fast pace of the action. The game does have several different difficulty levels, so new players should still be able to enjoy this game on its easiest setting.

Devil May Cry 4's core gameplay features a large number of different boss fights. The bosses range from simplistic to complex. One of the bosses early on requires the player to utilize all of the game's combat moves to progress. This game has excellent graphics. The developers implement an over the top art style that combines classic mythology with Capcom's own signature art direction. The game has a pretty intense rock soundtrack, but it gets repetitive hearing the same songs in every stage. Many of the visuals are rendered animations that blend seamlessly with the three dimensional game world. The environments are also very well done. They range from icy castles to dense forests.

Devil May Cry 4 may feel repetitive because the player treads the same ground with both of the main characters. This was most likely done to save space on the DVD versions of the game. Players who attempt to beat the game on the hardest difficulty setting will likely find that it's both frustrating and rewarding to do so. The hack and slash action takes significant time to master, so players will likely spend a lot of time attempting to get the highest rankings in every mission Devil May Cry 4 has to offer.


  • Devil May Cry 4 is lengthy and challenging.
  • The ranking system adds replayability to the game.
  • The combat is addictive and challenging.


  • Fans of the other games may be disappointed that they can't play as Dante at the start.
  • The game's story is fairly uninspired.
  • Some newer computers may have compatibility issues with this software.

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